08.21.2010. "Betrayed" will be screened at the Palm Springs Desert Film Society before the feature Hideaway/Le Refuge.

06.29.2010. "Betrayed" was featured on a spread in American Photo magazine.

May 2010. "Betrayed" premiered at the Cannes Film Festival's Short Corner last month and it was a big success. We're on the road to raising financing for the feature.

02.02.2010. El Mundo - ¿Fotógrafo?

01.28.2010. Peta Pixel - Trailer for the 5D Mark II Short Film "Bedtrayed"

01.26.2010. Unique Photo - "Bedtrayed" - A film shot exclusively w/ the Canon 5D Mark II

01.26.2010. Planet 5D - "Bedtrayed" - Canon EOS 5D Mark II short released

01.26.2010. PDN Pulse - Trailer Released for "Bedtrayed": Film shot with Canon 5D Mark II

01.25.2010. Resolve - Trailer of all-DSLR movie live & heading to Sundance

01.24.2010. Robert Caplin's Photography blog - "Betrayed" - The Trailer

01.24.2010. Betrayed website launches.




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